Leaders of HBUT care for School of Art Design’s development and provide guidance on it

On the afternoon of March 29, school Party Committee's secretary Zhou Yingjia, Deputy Secretary Fu Hongtao led directors of teaching affairs office, logistics management office and so on to inspect the School of Art Design's construction and development.

Xu Kaiqiang, president of School of Art Design, made a report on targets of team building, disciplines construction, scientific research, and construction and management year and the 9 difficulties and problems in the development of the school's young teachers training, course reforms, laboratory construction, teaching standard and arts science teaching rules and scientific research achievements accreditation in terms of the transformation from traditional teaching approach to modernized, internationalized and information-based teaching according to HBUT Party's work focus in 2013.

The school leadership Fu Hongtao pointed out that the students training, scientific research innovation, culture construction and teaching staff building should be the key in school's development. Zhou Yingjia stated that to run School of Art Design well was the steadfast goal of school Party Committee and school administrative, the attention that HBUT pays to the school and the support that HBUT provides were also steadfast. And the general development of School of Art Design was good, firstly, the leaderships of the school pooled their effort together and worked hard; Secondly, the thinking and key emphasis in work were clear and specific measure was taken, "Guozihao" project was amazing; Thirdly, the school has good teaching staff who are positive and have faith in the school's development. In order to school work better and achieve the goal of" Becoming leading domestic and reputational abroad", Zhou Yingjia put forward four requirements: firstly, gathering cohesive force, turning negative factor into positive ones, making the dispersive cohesive force gathered to school' construction and building positive spirit; secondly, building teams, positively leading the teachers to build teaching teams, introducing preferential policy, formulating methods that benefit the development of team members; thirdly, be clear about development direction, enhancing the development of disciplines construction; fourthly, creating cultural atmosphere, create healthy and positive culture atmosphere, including tacit cultural construction and explicit cultural construction.

Before the report meeting, the school leadership convened school professors and young teachers representatives symposium, listening people's suggestions about reform and development of the school. The teacher representatives spoke positive and give suggestions in aspects of teaching innovation, cultural construction, and logistics services and so on in line with fact of the school's development.